Implementation methods based on information technology in organizations, companies and factories.

Consultations on transition and orientation activities and processes traditional and semi-traditional to high technologies and improve the performance of the new systems in malls and business environment


Manufacturing and application development and platform-independent Web-based applications

Production of specialized application software and operating system based on real needs, implemented on Windows and Android operating systems.

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What are new ideas and new converts in mind and you want them to cover comprehensive action in the real world.

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In the early 1990s, I experienced life in the digital world with Commodore 64 . In Initial programming environments like Basic V2 and Fortran design my first applications like phone book, map reader, color psychology, simple games and more. And since there were still no Internet networks at that time i shared these programs with ordinary audio cassettes with a few friends who had computers.In the late 1990s, I became familiar with the Amiga 500 computer and the Amiga Basic programming environment and graphical interface programming. Finally, from around 2000, with the migration of the world of computers Amiga to IBM PC and Visual Basic 4 , i continued programming more broadly.

Over the years, most of the projects I've worked on have had network and internet. Today, I'm most focused on web applications and independent of the operating system.

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Saeed Ghadiri Moghaddam Niyari

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